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Surf Wyoming® King Bison Mug - Red

Surf Wyoming® King Bison Mug - Red

Let's have a toast to the king of American mammals.  Our national mammal, and that beautiful coveted beast that sits patiently in the center of our state's flag is the animal that has represented our brand since its launch in 1999.   The American Bison remains one of the greatest conservation efforts in history.  Once roaming North America in the tens of millions, it almost became extinct in the late 1800's due to mass slaughter of this stoic creature.  

After a successful bison hunt in the Dakotas in 1883, Teddy Roosevelt had a change of heart toward wildlife and public lands.  By 1905, he had become one of our nation's most staunch conservationists and made a push to save the American Bison with the formation of the American Bison Society.  With the help of William Hornaday, their efforts to save and reintroduce the American Bison began in the Bronx Zoo of New York.  By 1909, the Bison was slowly reintroduced to it's native lands throughout the midwest.  Now living in all 50 states, the American bison once again is roaming free in American Prairies.  

Cheers to the American Bison - our National Mammal.


In collaboration with Red Bison Studio in Sheridan, we are teaming up to bring you our next round of fantastic products from artisans around the state.  Red Bison Studio is run by Sheridan artist and Surf Wyoming ambassador, Stephen Mullins. Stephen has been using some very interesting new techniques to bring his ideas and imagery to life on mugs, bowls, and now on our Surf Wyoming inspired King Bison Mugs.  A cold hot coffee will never taste as good as it does with you are enjoying it out of a heavy crafted ceramic Surf Wyoming mug!  Enjoy!