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Youth Surf Wyoming YNP Tee
Youth Surf Wyoming YNP Tee

Youth Surf Wyoming YNP Tee

The same year of Yellowstone's dedication (1872) the Brooklyn Bridge was being built, Jules Verne was finishing up Around the World in 80 Days and Thomas Edison perfected the duplex telegraph.

But nothing has changed the world like Yellowstone.

The new park taught people the value of restraint; that we save wild places so they might one day save us.  

So we're YELLing for our very own YELLowstone.  "A breathing place for the American lungs" as stated by early national leaders.  The place is hard to put into words, filled with so much amazingness it's truly unbelievable.  As early expeditions reported, the park is out of a child's fairy tale comprised by one of the world's largest petrified forests, 290+ waterfalls, thermal basins, the Grand Prismatic Springs and rock formations (of which resemble incredible castles) - all sitting atop a massive caldera of a supervolcano.  Yup and 96% of YELLowstone sits inside our lovely square space.

But visitors, please stay on the paths and don't feed (or pet) the wild animals.