Men's SURF WYOMING® Sundance Kid Tee- Dia de los Muertos - Tahiti Blue
Men's SURF WYOMING® Sundance Kid Tee- Dia de los Muertos - Tahiti Blue

Men's SURF WYOMING® Sundance Kid Tee- Dia de los Muertos - Tahiti Blue

There's something super cool about finding what makes you happy and pursuing it - and that is what Surf Wyoming is all about.  Finding your passion, giving it and your own personal adrenaline a swift kick in the pants and just frankly going for it - whatever it is that you love to do.

In some cases one can go too far, and in the story of The Sundance Kid, he certainly did.  While we're not condoning bank robberies and train heists, we do love what the spirit of The Sundance Kid embodied - that of trailblazer and a strong, defining individual of the American old-west. This mover and shaker was someone who did something each and every day that made him a bit uncomfortable. As a member of The Wild Bunch and The Hole in the Wall Gangs, Mr. Harry Longabough received his nickname at age 15 when he stole a horse and was arrested in Sundance, Wyoming.  After that, he never looked back, and become one of the legends of the Wild West.  The rest, as they say, is history...

If that isn't Wyoming enough for you, we threw some Meadowlark tattoos in the mix for some added effect.

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The technical jargon you also need to know and sizing details above to ensure you get the best fit:

Surf Wyoming tees are made with a beautiful combed cotton/poly jersey, a 60/40 blend; preshrunk and fitted nicely against the body [not that boxy, heavy, scratchy stuff they sell at truck stops – nothing against truck stops, mind you].  *NOTE - If you desire a loose and forgiving fit, we recommend that you size up one size.  Our products fit true to size and in a modern cut and fitted manner.

And fellas, our tees make you look and feel like a million bucks – ridiculously soft and comfortable with a broken-in feel.  They’ll quickly become your go-to favorite that you can't wait to pull over your head! 

Meet the Men's Sundance Kid, complete with our tattoo artist's version of two precocious Wyoming Meadowlarks - in Tahiti Blue, of course.