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If there was ever a time to make a fashion statement - it’s now.

Surf Wyoming has teamed up with several lifestyle brands alongside the Helper movement to deliver positivity and to support people who are doing good things during this time of crisis. 

Helper means community. It’s a declaration of love for mankind. It means love for a neighbor, for a co-worker, for your tribe and for complete strangers. It’s a commitment to a culture that thinks of its fellow man’s needs before its own wants. It means FaceTiming friends in isolation, and extending encouragement and positivity. It means putting down our differences and picking up what matters most. It means being available and willing to do what you CAN to keep us all moving in trying times. 

The world needs help - the world needs helpers.

When you buy a tee and make a statement, all proceeds go to our nonprofit partner, The Food Group, a "community feeding children" who are working tirelessly to deliver meals to children in need.


- UNISEX SIZING - Super Soft Dual Blend