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Wyoming as Folk Mug - two colors
Wyoming as Folk Mug - two colors

Wyoming as Folk Mug - two colors


Folk is a term commonly used to informally describe people and in Wyoming's case, it's used to bring to life a culture, a community and essentially a type of a brotherhood.  

Wyoming folk are distinguishable, you know that friendly wave on a long dusty road - in the middle of nowhere.  That tan line that ends just under the tip of the cowboy hat. Receiving directions for a drive measured in hours vs. miles - to also include: barn, dirt lane, gravel road, pavement end, cottonwood tree and wheat field.  We're proud, we're Wyoming and we're a special kind of FOLK and we're celebrating it with this number.

Thanks to our claymaster pal, Stephen - we're stoked to add these one of a kind, handcrafted in Wyoming coffee mugs to our collection.  Grab one before they're all gobbled up.

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Mug measures 4.5" tall and nestles perfectly into most car cupholders.  

WHITE= white cup/black lettering**

BLACK= white cup/black square/white lettering**