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Wyoming as Folk Pint Glass

Wyoming as Folk Pint Glass

Introducing our very own WYOMING AS FOLK Surf Wyoming 16oz clear pint glasses.  

Just like our apparel, the WYOMING AS FOLK art on our pint glass has an intentional distressing to it - to give it that special Wyoming weathered look and feel.

Folk is a term commonly used to informally describe people and in Wyoming's case, it's used to bring to life a culture, a community and essentially a type of a brotherhood.  

Wyoming folk are distinguishable, you know that friendly wave on a long dusty road - in the middle of nowhere.  That tan line that ends just under the tip of the cowboy hat. Receiving directions for a drive measured in hours vs. miles - to also include: barn, dirt lane, gravel road, pavement end, cottonwood tree and wheat field.  We're proud, we're Wyoming and we're a special kind of FOLK and we're celebrating it with this number.

Printed in AMERICA.  Cheers to drinking responsibly - whatever you choose to fill your glass with!

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