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Youth Ursa Minor Tee
Youth Ursa Minor Tee

Youth Ursa Minor Tee

We love to keep you thinking so here's a fun little design ditty. 

Our Youth sized Ursa Minor tee tips it's hand to the collection of 109 (whoa !!!!!) mountain ranges and sub-ranges in our glorious square space while also teasing the hindquarters of a constellation visible most of the year.  Maybe you knew the Big Dipper within Ursa Major is made up of seven bright stars that together comprise one of the best known patterns in the sky and which form the hindquarters and tail of the great bear....?

A tip from we locals - it's best not to try and include the black and grizzly versions as backdrops in your selfies - - awake or asleep.  

C'mon, you know you want to try ...... just how many ranges can you identify in our ursa?

*Note - we HAVE cleaned up just one of the ranges for the kids tee - can you find it?  Don't get knee-deep in the details or you might miss it.  :)

- - - - -

The technical jargon you also need to know:

Surf Wyoming tees are made with a beautiful combed cotton/poly jersey, a 60/40 blend; preshrunk and fitted nicely against the body [not that boxy, heavy, scratchy stuff they sell at truck stops – nothing against truck stops, mind you].  *NOTE - If you desire a looser fit, we recommend that you size up one size.  Our products fit true to size and in a fitted way.

And kiddos, our tees make you look and feel like a boss – ridiculously soft and comfortable with a broken-in feel.  They’ll quickly become your go-to favorite that you can't wait to pull over your head! 

Meet the new Youth Ursa Minor - in Kelly Heather Green