As a purpose-driven organization, one of Surf Wyoming’s most meaningful endeavors is to partner with nonprofit organizations and share proceeds from the sale of collaborative products.

Our goal with each relationship is to help bring greater awareness to the tireless work each select nonprofit engages in, to augment their endowment efforts and to help assist in their abilities and to support the good work that they do.  Not only is this an important piece of our brand’s history but it is a passion for our team.

We are partial to organizations focused on programs in two specific sectors – those who help at-risk youth and those who target outdoor pursuits for the betterment and enjoyment of people.  We’re honored to introduce you to a few of these partners here and encourage you to spend time learning more about them and all of the amazing work they do!  

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We’re thrilled to introduce our latest partner in Joey’s Fly Fishing Foundation – a nonprofit that brings the two elements of assisting at-risk youth and the betterment our good land together in a wonderful manner.

Joey’s Foundation is the vision of youth advocate and avid fly fisherman, Joey Puettman.  As a mentor for years to the Northern Wyoming Mental Health Center in Sheridan, WY. and highly regarded fly fishing guide, Joey spends most of his time in Wyoming’s beautiful public and private waterways.  Joey worked tirelessly to fuse his work and his personal passions to help empower youth and in 2007 he proudly and passionately founded Joey’s Foundation.  

Joey’s goal is to develop a supportive relationship between children aged 5-18 and qualified mentors which will lead to influential and lasting relationships and positive learning.  Joey’s vehicle to bridging these relationships and learnings revolves around Wyoming-based fly fishing adventures.  These summer camps are where Joey’s attendees receive personalized instruction and tangible rewards with special emphasis given to relationship building to help reduce risk factors related to school problems, substance abuse, and today’s mounting youth issues.  Beyond the adventure with the kids in his camps, Joey’s work is ongoing to ensure an ongoing emphasis of protective factors and mentoring to include community engagement, positive relationships and healthy living skills.  Joey’s provides an incredible experience to children who otherwise would not have access to this type of leadership and instruction.  The strength of Joey’s Foundation is in its individualized approach to bringing each child the most fulfilling experiences imaginable.  — Joey’s Foundation is a non-profit organization with 501©3 status that operates out of Sheridan, WY.  See more here

For our Surf Wyoming x Joey’s Fly Fishing collaboration, every purchase of our fly reel covers, fly wallets and specific apparel and accessories denoted by the Surf Wyoming x Joey’s collaboration, Surf Wyoming will donate a percentage of proceeds directly back to Joey’s Fly Fishing Foundation. Our goal is to help fund as many Joey’s mentor outings as possible by year end 2016 and we’re getting a jump on that now. . . . . . You can find the Surf Wyoming x Joey’s Foundation collaboration products on our website.


The Surf Wyoming team fell in love with the Casper Mountain Racer organization and helped redesign their logo and design and produce create gear for the team and coaches.  We also wanted to get involved and help to promote this diamond of a youth-program. A little bit about CMR: Since 1976, Casper Mountain Racers – located in Casper, WY has been training young athletes between the ages of 7 and 23 n the joy of skiing, racing and the sportsmanship of competition.  Many of CMR’s athletes have gone on to race in college and even the World Cup at an international level.

The ski club has benefited from the close proximity of Hogadon Ski area south of town and a long list of devoted athletes, coaches and parents. Training for these athletes begins long before the weather turns cold and leaves change color. The season begins in September with specific exercise regimens designed by the coaching staff and local fitness professionals and physical therapists. The athletes will travel to train and ski with local Colorado teams in the late fall and begin skiing the local area around mid-December. The racing season will begin mid –December and progress with through April. The season is long, but the athletes are strong and excited every year to come back for more. CMR had 63 athletes for 2014/2015 season with ages ranging from 7 to 14.

The club’s racers have earned numerous awards with some podium finishes already against renowned teams from Vail, Winter Park and Breckenridge. CMR helps with the local high school race program by conducting the high school races, training the students as well as lending a hand to the younger athletes in the ski school program. CMR has had as many as 20 traveling racers in a season and the club is always looking to share the fun and excitement of gliding down a snow covered hill at high speed, or our vision with anyone who will listen. The smiles of the young athletes and the quality coaching that allows our young racers to compete in the USSA Rocky Central Region has made the CMR program an enduring part of winter for the residents of Casper.

To learn more about the Casper Mountain Racers program, sign up for ski/snowboard lessons, donate or to volunteer please visit their website or contact them directly. . . . . . We proudly sell the men’s and women’s Surf Wyoming – Casper Mountain Racer’s collaborative tshirts on our website and donate all profits back to help support their organization.


Surf Wyoming is proud to be a project sponsor for The Bart Rea Learning Circle as part of the greater Platte River Trails Project in Casper.   This newly developed circle is part of The Platte Trails Project and will be a wonderful addition to Casper’s quality of life.  The Bart Rea Learning Circle will provide an artistic gathering place for the community – an essential piece to help create a vibrant, diverse, and thriving community hub.Learn more about The Platte River Trails project here and on their website.


The Platte River Trails Trust, incorporated in 1982 and formerly known as The Platte River Parkway Trust, is a citizen-led non-profit organization. Their mission is to develop a river pathway while preserving the scenic, natural and historic value of the North Platte River. They work with community partners to develop a network of trails that enhances our community`s economic vitality and quality of life.

They created a central thread through the heart of the community that provides recreational opportunities, riparian conservation and urban development, including a riverside venue for gatherings and events (the Tate Pump House) and a whitewater park. Their work continues to expand and maintain this Casper treasure, which draws countless visitors each year and helps to maintain wildlife habitation. . . . . . We proudly produce and sell The Bart Rea men’s and women’s Surf Wyoming collaborative tshirt on our website and all proceeds will go directly to help fund The Bart Rea project and support The Platte River Trails project.