Brand Ambassadors

We are proud of our team of Surf Wyoming brand ambassadors. Comprised of influencers, makers, disrupters, and thought leaders – they are incredible individuals who not only make us better every day but are dripping with limitless creativity and have become extended family members to our brand.  They are subversively loyal and we love that they’re as passionate about Surf Wyoming as we are.  Through their talents and their communities, this group of dedicated individuals tell our story and we tell theirs. Together we like to believe we’re helping make a difference.



Surf Wyoming Ambassador - Tune Smith and Wyoming Enthusiast & Native

Doug Andrews is a home grown Sheridan, Wyoming native.  A tune smith by trade, you may have seen him appearing with The Craft Brothers at their bi-annual Wild and Wooly WYO Show at Sheridan’s WYO Theater.  With two solo albums under his belt and more on the way, Doug was voted “Listener’s Favorite Wyoming Artist: 2014” on Wyoming Public Radio.  Although currently living most of the year in Vienna, Austria, he returns to the 307 area code every summer to soak up the Bighorn Mountains, friends, and family.  To find out more about Doug Andrews, his music, and other projects, visit him at www.doug-andrews.net.
What’s your Surf Wyoming, Doug Andrews?    
“It’s that moment when you tell someone where your from….  You either get a blank stare of complete confusion as they scramble to try and remember their 5th grade geography lessons, or you see a fire bright in their eyes that could have only been lit by a close, personal encounter with The Cowboy State.  You either get it, or you don’t.”  – – Doug Andrews


Surf Wyoming Ambassador - Photographer extraordinaire

Craig is an east coast-born photographer based out of Laramie, WY. He splits his time creating portraits of musicians/artists and shooting editorial/advertising imagery, with an odd wedding or two thrown in for fun. Aside from exploring light with a camera, he seeks adventure in the wilds (aka – open spaces/austere reaches/lonesome beauty/Teddy Roosevelt’s “desolate, grim beauty”) of Wyoming with his wife Anika, and his furry companion Juno.

What’s your SURF WYOMING, Craig Okraska? 

I find my Surf Wyoming everyday though the lens of a camera.” –  – Craig Okraska

You can see more of Craig’s beautiful work at the chromatic and on his instagram and fortunately for us – throughout our entire website.        



Surf Wyoming Ambassador - Brand Quipster

Originally from Cheyenne, Wyoming, Brandt Tobler is a stand up comedian who travels the world making people cry… from laughter (he hopes). Brandt has toured overseas performing for our troops, created the renowned Back Yard show in Las Vegas, and just finished his 60-city “Bad Decisions Make Great Stories” tour. His first CD was recorded at the legendary Atlas Theater in Cheyenne and he is currently the host of the award-winning podcast, The 31.  Make sure you follow our resident (and very fast moving) comedian on his Instagram.
What’s your SURF WYOMING, Brandt Tobler?
It’s a moment that happens almost daily when I stop and think, what I am about to do is beyond my wildest childhood dreams. I want to inspire everyone, especially other Wyomingites to do the same.” – – Brandt Tobler



Surf Wyoming Ambassador - Outdoorsman and Wyoming Enthusiast

A global traveler, Jonathan Benak has been found surfing the Lunch Counter rapid in too many occasions to keep count over the past three decades while living in and traveling through Wyoming. The Snake River has had such an impact on him, he desired to take the sport of river surfing to higher levels. During the summer of 1997 when the volume of the Snake and Lunch Counter reached record high levels at 39,000+ CFS, Jonathan was “that guy” who rode the entire 8 mile stretch on his boogey board navigating massive river waves, including the behemoth 3 Oar Deal. He is a common figure making new tracks in the powder underneath Jackson Hole’s Aerial Tram and is an all around lover of Wyoming and the great outdoors.  Jonathan keeps the lights on as a passionate Physician Associate and travels to distant locations delivering supplies, medicine and healthcare to those with little or no access to care and in remote corners around the world.
What’s your Surf Wyoming, Jonathan Benak?
“Surfing uncrowded Wyoming versus overpopulated California and inspiring others to get near, in, or on the water and surf!  – – Jonathan Benak


Surf Wyoming Ambassador - Leather artisan

Like many great leather artists, Matt Moran started out as a saddle-maker.  At a young age he found his way from Michigan to the majestic mountains & endless prairies of Wyoming.  Matt always wanted to be a cowboy, but has been fascinated by mermaids since he was a boy: maybe it was growing up near all those big lakes. Mermaids share the same allure as the wide open and still wild west.  They share Wyoming’s mystery, freedom, and vastness: the idea that one can be untamed and uncaptured.
It was in Wyoming as a young man that Matt learned to ride, rope, brand, train horses, herd cows and adapt to whatever nature threw his way.  It was also there that he discovered and honed his leather talent after spending long winter months in a cow-camp bunkhouse. Ultimately the mermaid became the emblem on his saddle maker’s stamp; blending his past with his present.  By artfully hiding a mermaid in his designs, Matt reminds us that sometimes fantasies can be real and dreams can come true.

Twin M Designs showcases Belle Mare and Moran Gear – Designed by Matt Moran & Jill Moriarty – two Wyoming designers fusing east coast sophistication with the independent spirit of the West.  All belts and bags are made above our shop, one at a time.  Our knitwear is designed onsite from local Merino blends.   Winners – 2014 Design Conference for Fashion.



 Surf Wyoming Ambassador - Fly Fishing Guide/Philanthropist

Joey’s Fly Fishing Foundation is the vision of youth advocate and avid fly fisherman, Joey Puettman.  Joey has worked with youth for several years as a mentor and Program Director at the Northern Wyoming Mental Health Center in Sheridan, WY.  Joey has guided on some of the most beautiful public and private waters in the United States, especially close to home in Wyoming and Montana.  He has also enjoyed fly fishing in numerous other countries. In 2007, Joey felt it was time to incorporate his passion for fly fishing and rod building with his desire to see youth achieve, build personal confidence, and help them explore opportunities they might not normally have.  This led to the creation of Joey’s Fly Fishing Foundation. Joey’s is a nonprofit organization that delivers supportive relationships between children and qualified mentors that will lead to lasting relationships and positive learning.  Joey’s strives to introduce children to the special and unique sport of fly fishing while fostering a lifelong passion and appreciation for the beauty of the outdoors. Learn more here.

What’s your SURF WYOMING, Joey Puettman?

There is nothing better than introducing someone to a wonderful and unique sport and to see the excitement in their eyes after they have caught a fish, on a fly rod they built with a fly they tied.   Fly fishing is not only about catching fish, it can also be about finding yourself. – – Joey Puettman