Wyoming Sasquatch Sighting Press release


March 31, 2023

Sasquatch Finally Discovered in Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains 

After years of rumors and speculation, a team of anthropologists and park rangers have finally found concrete proof of the existence of Sasquatch in Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains, just East of Yellowstone National Park.The team arrived in the  Cloud Peak area five days ago alongside a group of Special Operations Advanced Mountaineering School experts (or SOAMS, who train Green Berets to survive in harsh environments, and provide military certification for advanced cold weather, high altitude and high-angle military-type mountaineering skills). 

The short wave infrared cameras set out weeks earlier by the crew are capable of seeing through snow and inclement weather.  While hiking in on this second trip on  Wednesday, March 29th, they saw it - a massive, bipedal creature covered in thick fur, standing tall in the middle of a clearing. 

The anthropologists were ecstatic, and quickly took photos and collected samples before the creature disappeared back into the forest.  The team returned to the park headquarters, where they presented their findings to an international panel of scientists but didn't want to startle the world. Further research by the team reveals that Sasquatch has its own language, which they have been able to record and study. The scientific community is now excited to learn more about this mysterious creature and its behavior and are convinced that it is not harmful to man.  

Park rangers will be adding signs along the roadways starting May 1 along the Cloud Peak Skyway, a 47-mile route along US Highway 16 across the Bighorn Mountains beginning at the Eastern boundary of the National Forest, through Ten Sleep Canyon, past Shell Falls and over Powder River Pass.   


The discovery of Sasquatch near 12,987' on Cloud Peak in the Bighorn Mountains is a monumental finding that will change the world's understanding of the natural world forever.  

The entire state of Wyoming is now a hub of excitement and activity.

If you've read this far, thanks for sticking with us. 

Happy April Fool's 2023. 

YES - our Bigfoot collection REAL (and HERE) and well, Sasquatch just might be, too.