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  • Surf Wyoming-Men's SURF WYOMING® National 2.0 Tee - Heather Grey-
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Men's SURF WYOMING® National 2.0 Tee - Heather Grey

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The Wyoming state flag brings with it tremendous legacy.  In case you don't remember studying this in Junior High American history let us give you a little refresher as our NATIONAL 2.0 tee was inspired by our very own Wyoming state flag.

You do recall that our state flag borrowed the colors of the American flag when it was designed in 1917, right?  

And you'll recall that the colors come with great intent: white serving as the emblem of purity and uprightness and blue, the color of the sky and mountains, is symbolic of fidelity, justice and virility.  

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The technical jargon you also need to know and sizing details above to ensure you get the perfect fit.

Surf Wyoming tees are made with a beautiful combed cotton/poly jersey, a 60/40 blend; preshrunk and fitted [not that boxy, heavy, scratchy stuff they sell at truck stops].  

And guys, our tees make you look and feel really handsome - ridiculously soft and comfortable and that go-to favorite that you can't wait to pull over your head! 

Introducing the men's National 2.0 in Heather Grey.