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Surf Wyoming® "Explore and Restore" Sticker

Surf Wyoming® "Explore and Restore" Sticker

Nothing is more frustrating than finding someone else's garbage on a trail, campsite or lake.  Seriously?   Who can be so lazy as to not pick up after themselves following a visit with mother nature and the amazing (and free) entertainment she offers?

Some call it MOOP (you'd know this from Burning Man - all Matter Out Of Place) while others refer to it as "Leave No Trace" .... our team has proudly adopted the ideology of EXPLORE AND RESTORE.

All you wanderlusters, PLEASE DO visit our amazing squarespace and bring whatever you'd like to help you EXPLORE but kindly (and we're asking nicely here) please RESTORE the path of your journey as it was before you visited.  This is for your benefit and our benefit and for future generations to come.  

Thanks for listening!

- - - - -

The technical jargon you also need to know:

Surf Wyoming® stickers are full color designs using a white polypro and UV lamination process. This technical jargon means that we've added protection, outdoor durability and scuff resistance so you can use these indoors or out!

Stick away!

4.5" x 5"

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