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Surf Wyoming Indoor Snowball Fight - Set of 2 balls

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Have a snowball fight, whenever - wherever!  Guaranteed hours of fun with friends and family this holiday season, just make sure you don't put an eye out.  Oh, and in the offseason they can be used as dryer balls - whoa!

Surf Wyoming's INDOOR Snowball Fight - anyplace, anytime!
- our balls never melt
- great for indoors 
- makes a great gift 
Each soft pack contains two (2) 100% wool dryer (indoor snow) balls (yes, we know the picture shows 3).
Our balls are made in and with 100% Wyoming sourced wool through our partnership with Meadow Mountain Wool in Buffalo, WY. by ranchers with generations of experience
Our indoor snowball fight/dryer balls are made by hand from wool that goes unused in yarn production and is turned into felted balls. 
When used as dryer balls, our balls naturally bounce in your dryer to separate and create space between your laundry, allowing hot air to better circulate and cut down on drying time
- saves energy - 2 balls placed in the dryer will shorten the drying time by 25-50% and softens clothing naturally
- saves money - eliminates the use of harsh chemicals often found in fabric softeners
- hypoallergenic
- wool is antibacterial so it resists mildew
lasts thousands of loads
baaa baa, wool is a totally renewable resource - - promotes sustainability   Inline image 3
a healthy alternative
makes a great gift
pass it on