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Surf Wyoming® Terra Cruiser Sticker

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Our signature Surf Wyoming® Bus needed a playmate, a partner who could help canvas thick snowy terrain in the winter and take us offroad for hard to find adventures in the summer, like getting us to Lunch Counter.  Our tried and true SW Terra Crusier does all of this and more - a friend you need when the terrain is both a challenge and a thrill.  

You've heard about this famous surf spot 900 miles from the ocean?  Those rideabel waves churned up by the Snake River's Lunch Counter rapids just outside of Jackson Hole.  And while Lunch Counter has been an open secret amongst surfers for years, the amazing rides it provides is significant in the light homage we pay forward with the name of our brand.    

Talk to any surfer about the conditions here and you'll get the raise of an eyebrow.  The waves are produced when snowmelt causes water levels to rise and the river to flow 8,000 to 12,000 cubic feet per second.  Folks, let's put this into perspective with some simple elementary algebra: 1 cubic foot per second = 7.4805 gallons flowing by a particular point in 1 second [x8,000 or 12,000]!  This isn't for the faint of heart.   

During most years, the Lunch Counter wave is active for two to six weeks, usually from late May until June - but the wave is inconsistent, sometimes lying dormant for days at a time.  Sort of like a crazy version of an inland-style-Mavericks.

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Surf Wyoming® stickers are full color designs using a white polypro and UV lamination process. This technical jargon means that we've added protection, outdoor durability and scuff resistance so you can use these indoors or out!

Stick away!

6" x 5.91"

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