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Toddler Surf Wyoming® Petting Zoo 2.0 Tee - Neon Blue

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You'll love our Premium Surf Wyoming Petting Zoo 2.0 hoodie.  Get knocked off your feet (or knock others off theirs) with this inspirational take on what it means to achieve new heights!

You may know this already but bison can weigh 2,000 lbs and can sprint up to 30 miles per hour (about 3x faster than a fast human can hoof it).  

Our fresh new Petting Zoo 2.0 hood is intended to serve as a stark reminder to keep you and your people safe.  "Beast is bigger and faster than man"

Your favorite little one can trek through mud puddles in his or her very own Surf Wyoming Petting Zoo 2.0 short sleeve t-shirt.
  • Cotton/Poly blend - prewashed and pre-shrunk
  • Machine washable
  • Crew neckline